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Originally Posted by till View Post
The output above is absolutely fine and the expected result if you access a soap connection with an application that does not understand soap like a web browser. This is a SOAP connection, you can not access the index file with a browser, you have to access it with a soap client like the one that is in the example files!

I understand that it needs its client to comunicate properly but the client returns only server error without any other diagnostic information.

I am using the test php file included in the examples all i am trying to do is list the resellers and i have already created a few in the database. Just want to execute a simple query. In realese 2.32-dev the file soap-obj in the class folder has a few typo's soapclient rather than soap_client. I thought all this was cleaned up in this release.

sorry till just relised that the soap obj file is part of the remote frame work package.


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