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Default What could this be?

Hi, after 2 months straight everything working fine, i suddely have the following issue, of the 3 websites that i host, 2 cannot be reached any more.

If I do a dig on men&mice i get all okay, dns pointing to the right IP adres, but when I do a dig from my server it points to a different IP (wrong).

I am using Falco's perfect Server setup with Debian Lenny and ISPConfig 3, my domains are registered with Godaddy, and are pointing to the right dns service ( dnsexit points to my public IP, and all 3 sites are in DNSexit, they are all the same and yet, only 1 shows up.

Anybody any clues, cuz I am staring myself blind here.

TIA Etienne

PS The working domain is, the two not working are and!
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