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Originally Posted by clemens View Post
Thanks for the replys :-)
the mail are on the and domain not the as this only beeing used for ispconfig.
set up the domain in ispconfig, not sure about what need to be done, i have made a mail domain and under that made the account if anything else needed plz explain.
Ok, it seams that Port 25 is not open or blocked.
Please make sure that your mailserver (e.g. postfix) is running and that your firewall does not block port 25.
Port 110 works so that's the reason why pop3 login is ok.

Originally Posted by clemens View Post
getmail account ? is this needed or ? if needed for the mails to work plz point me in the right direction.
You only need this if you want to let ispconfig fetch mails from a foreign pop3 account.
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