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Originally Posted by Croydon View Post
No that's not correct. Website document roots are in /var/www/clients/clientx/...
If you need a symlink vor webmail in each website use this plugin:

You could easily duplicate that plugin and modify it for phpmyadmin symlink.

That was quick... Thanks for your reply.

Funnily enough I *just* installed the plugin you linked to before writing my original post :-)

I haven't looked at it but I imagine modifying the script will be *way* over my head... :-)

So, in that case, let me rephrase my original question:
If I install phpmyadmin in /var/www/phpmyadmin, then every new site will also have access to phpmyadmin in /var/www/clients/clientx/phpmyadmin?

It sounds as if the answer is no...

In which case this post confuses me:

i am Oliver, the "programmer" of the phpmyadmin link inside ISPC3.

if you click on such a link, i am looking for the SERVER, the database is running at (for example server #1). Then i am looking in the server-configuration for the "name", this server has (for example Then i create a link to the phpmyadmin at this server.

means (for this example)

this means, you only have to "create" a working phpmyadmin under your server (NOT under EVERY doamain!).

if your server is called than you need a pypmyadmin under -> thats all.

by the way. If you are using SSL with ISPC3, you must have a ssl certificate for your server too -> httpS://

if you have any more question->feel free to ask!

My brain hurts... too old for this :-)

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