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Originally Posted by till View Post
Yes, either that or add a website select field in the database form that makes it possible to assign a database to a specific site. Then we will have to rewrite the grant mechanism a bit as it will be better to have a (hidden) field in the database table which lists all granted IP's for each DB record as comma separated value because the database server is not able to determine the IP of a website as the website records do not get replicated to him.
Well yes, but there is one issue I see with this:
multiserver-setup, 1 mainserver, 1 webserver, 1 db server

If a client has 2 websites on 2 different servers (mainserver and db server) and just wants to use one database (on db server) it would be a problem assigning the database to only one website.
And it would be somehow complicated for the client to determine the ip addresses to enter into the remote access field (remote access limitation patch).
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