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Default Problem with ISPconfig / joomla


I'm trying to set up a couple of different sites on a server using joomla and ISPconfig but I ran into som problems so I hope someone here can help me out.

First I created client A and site A in ISPc. I enabled php-scripts and mysql for the site (along with mail user login, those were the only three options that I checked). Then I set up a database for joomla and copied all the joomla files to the web directory. Finally I went through the joomla webinstallation procedure and everything worked out just perfectly! I'm sort of a newbie here so it's a huge relief for me everytime something do work out just like I inteded it to...

So time for site B... I create a new client, client B, and a new site, site B. I enable php scripts and mysql (no mail user login this time, that's the only difference from site A). I copy the joomla files (same files as before) but this time when I go to the site to do the webinstallation of joomla the index.php file does not execute but is instead displayed in firefox as plain text. I also tried IE but then index.php just downloads to my computer.

There is one difference between site A and B and that is that I have not yet recieved the domain for site B. I solved this by creating a symlink from the sharedip directory (where I ended up when I typed in the ip-address to the server in my browser) to the web-directory of site B. So now when I type in I come to the default index.html file of site B and when I type in I come to the joomla index.php file, but like I said, it just comes up on the screen as plain text.

So I guess my question is why doesn't the php-code execute on site B when it did (and still do) on site A? Hope someone out there can help me out!!!
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