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A client which has clients is a reseller of course. Thats the same with ispconfig 2, only that we did not name them explicitely a reseller to be more flexible as poeple often had the problem that a client could not become a reseller in ispconfig 2.
This is clear, of course, and the possibility to 'upgrade' a client to be reseler is really usefull. I saw in the flyspray that the issue for which the admin cannot see the association client<->subclient is already there.. sorry
I tried to edit the code to change end-user permission (in order to NOT rename his domain name) and it's quite simple. Despite.. the today upgrade has 'killed' my personalization (it's normal, i know).

Because many poeple complained about it and it is not scalable enough for multi server systems with hundreds or thousands of users.
Now i understand.

If you like ispconfig 2, then stay with it. ISPConfig 3 is a different software and you can not compare it to ispconfig 2.
Sure.. i like ISPConfig2 and i'll never switch my installation to ISPConfig3. I cannot change trained users habits.. not now, not jet :-)
But i'm going to add 1 more server and i'm wondering if ISPConfig3 could be a valid alternative.. now. It's better, for me, to wait and learn a little bit more its features.

I'm annoyed of all these "'s different sw, don't compare.." .. we are here to discuss, to understand .. so we compare. I'm not here to blame decisions.
I'm sure ISPConfig3 will be a wonderfull piece of sw..

Have a nice day..


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