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Originally Posted by till View Post
1) There is no cc function. But you may use forwarders for this. Youst create 2 forwarders for this email address, one that send the email to the mailbox and the second one that sends the email to the other address.
Thanks, that worked.

Originally Posted by till View Post
2) Make sure you configured /etc/aliases in postfix
Till, I'm still having problems with this: my /etc/aliases is declared in and it looks like this:

# See man 5 aliases for format
clamav: root

I did newaliases. all ok. I execute echo "hello" | mail and it delivers it to /var/vmail/, and I never created that account in ispconfig3 and it is not listed either. the mail was never delivered to the account stated in /etc/aliases

is that normal?

Thanks for all your help.

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