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Default Ispconfig 3

ISPConfig 3 is not beta and it is used in production enviroments for over a year. It is already in use on many thousand servers.
Mr. Till. You are wonderful person for taking on the responsibility of these threads and helping those get things working. Also, I know I have offended you because much work is going into the project and your reply reflects it. However, installing the same thing to a server, server after server, does not prove it is stable. For instance, when installing a new OS, don't click on things that are off the path of install, or you're in a realm less tested.

Fine, sou you realised already thats a problem with your setup and not a general updating problem in ispconfig. So your post about beta quality is quite nonsense.

You updated a svn version with a stable version. svn versions can not be updated with stable versions as they may contain more tables or a later development. Thats why you lost your database. You can update a svn version only with a svn version.

To restore your database, use the database backup which is stored in the root folder.

So as long as you install released versions from the ispconfig 3, then you have a stable enviroment. SVN versions are only for development and shall not be used in a production server. Thats the case for any open source project and not onyl ispconfig.
I don't download SVN versions... that is unless, by mistake, an SVN version was put in place of the release version on site. No Till, I can assure you that I have read your other threads relating to the dropped database of mixing svn and releases, and it didn't apply to me.

So to conclude, there appears to be nothing wrong with my setup. I had downloaded and reinstalled THE NON SVN VERSION several times without problem (ver

Something else is wrong.. So right now, I am working from an updated ispconfig, with data imported back into the db from

Till, I've always done ISPCONFIG to the book. If that's not good enough, then ISPCONFIG is beta. Stop getting offended that I think it's beta. It has problems!

I'm obviously needing to do my own backup and go through this whole hoop de doo thing all over again...

Till, thanks for your help.. I will figure this out.
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