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Since then, I just haven't had the time to develop, so ISPConfig has been a help (version 2). Version is beta quality (in my opinion), and should be labeled beta.
ISPConfig 3 is not beta and it is used in production enviroments for over a year. It is already in use on many thousand servers.

So.. I don't see anyone else reporting any problems, so I'm pioneering this thread and see what comes about..
Fine, sou you realised already thats a problem with your setup and not a general updating problem in ispconfig. So your post about beta quality is quite nonsense.

You updated a svn version with a stable version. svn versions can not be updated with stable versions as they may contain more tables or a later development. Thats why you lost your database. You can update a svn version only with a svn version.

To restore your database, use the database backup which is stored in the root folder.

So as long as you install released versions from the ispconfig 3, then you have a stable enviroment. SVN versions are only for development and shall not be used in a production server. Thats the case for any open source project and not onyl ispconfig.
Till Brehm
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