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Exclamation php -q update.php w/ into

Apparently I learned a hard lesson today. Don't update ISPConfig 3* on the day of release.

Ispconfig 2 was stable and 3 might take another few months to be production ready (in my opinion). I wanted to push 3 as it utilized database users instead of system users. Years ago I had written some preliminary db design for virtual email users from within exim. Since then, I just haven't had the time to develop, so ISPConfig has been a help (version 2). Version is beta quality (in my opinion), and should be labeled beta.

Today, I get home from work and want to update on a test server to
Downloaded the tgz to /tmp and extract.
cd into the install folder of the ispconfig root and run php -q update.php
The install script complains about some dbispconfig.firewall_custom table not existing. Reconfigure services? [yes/no].. Either option I run wastes my database and cannot login.. If I leave the browser session open before the upgrade script is run, and refresh an email domain list after updating, the data is gone. Running an sql client and browsing the data verifies the data being gone..

So.. I don't see anyone else reporting any problems, so I'm pioneering this thread and see what comes about..

by the way, I am running Debian Lenny and followed the howto for perfect server etc for ver.


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