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All encryption is obscure to someone who knows nothing about encryption , but I've been studying it since the first post and am catching up. Is the 'salt' from ISPConfig or from elsewhere in the Linux system? (sasl?) I'm still studying that part.

edit: (Directly changing the database may mess things up, I'm just experimenting).

For the password to store in the above mentioned database it seems you would choose your PASSWORD and an 8 character salt value SALTSALT then
$password = '$1$SALTSALT$'.crypt('PASSWORD','$1$SALTSALT$');
or something similar.

What I'm curious about is if then using some php code to change the password in the database, will that automatically be read by ISPConfig, PostFix, Courier, et cetera? Or will it have to wait on a cron job or need some sort of restart or trigger before it goes into effect?
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