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I think you nailed it right on the head. I ONLY want to forward http/https traffic.
HTTP ports 80, 8088, 8222; HTTPS ports 443, 8333, 10000.

it is only an issue of accessing the web interfaces of the servers inside of the network withour mapping external port 81 to port 80 on one server, external port 82 to port 80 and another server, etc.

smtp = forwards to Exchange Server 2007
rdp = forwards to Windows Server 2003
vnc = forwards to vm1
ssh = forwards to the proxy server, then establish ssh to other servers

Do you have any idea how/where to begin? What should I research first? I have no problem doing footwork to get this completed, perhaps someone else with more know-how can help lay the foundation. Are there any linux distributions targeted specifically at tackling this particular issue? Something, I can use to base my experience (possibly implement temporarily)?
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