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Default Ipplan moved from ispconfig 2 to ispconfig 3 login problem

I have a working installation of ipplan on a ispconfig 2 system (opensuse 10.0).

I have moved the installation to a newly created ispconfig 3 system (opensuse 11.1). I moved the files and export-import the database.

All seems well and when i access the home page of ipplan (http://www.mydomain/ipplan) everything looks normal.

The problem is that i cannot login to ipplan neither with the accounts created in the database or the admin account that exists in the config.php file of ipplan.

From the faq of ipplan:

* Q: I have another .htaccess file higher up in my web server tree which confuses IPplan’s authentication - how can I use both?

A: Use external authentication to obtain the previous login credentials of the superior directory - see the documentation.

A: Create an .htaccess file in the IPplan subdirectory consisting of only one line:

Order Deny,Allow

This will make the authentication that was made by a superior-directory .htaccess gone.
It seems that something is confusing ipplan's authentication although i have made an .htaccess file in the ipplan's folder as stated in the faq.

Any help is appreciated.
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