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Originally Posted by tedeu View Post
one more question ... works, but doesn't work
i read something on the forum ... but didn't quite understood ...
what to do ...
in small steps please
I believe you should check the settings of the domain on the Sites tab in ISPConfig. I cannot check it right now, but I think you should change the subdomain setting from none to * or to www. Maybe anyone else can help with this. I also see that you have a CNAME entry for www. This might be a problem. I am not sure about this.

I saw that in the CNAME record is no dot at the end of This also might be why works and doesn't work

Originally Posted by tedeu View Post
one more thing ... goes nowhere, and this is frustating ...
because from the ispconfing 3 panel when you click on phpmyadmin, or in webmail, there will send to a try again page...
Should i reinstall ISPConfig 3 ?
with the linux sistem and all ?
The DNS is empty at the start. You need to add the things you need. So add an A record for the hostname in the DNS zone. This would not been done automaticly. Like your ns1 or ns2 hostnames all other servers should be added to the DNS zone so they can be found by others.

It might be that you are behind a router. A request need to be directed to the right server. It is hard to send a request to the IP address of which you are sending that request. It will time out. Maybe you should check how your system is resolving a IP for a domainname or a hostname. On my windows machine I was trying to send a request to my server and it timed out. I putted the nameserver of my provider prior to my own nameserver. When I changed the order I could get the right webpage.


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