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Lots of views and no replies so I figured the answer to my question had to be 'nope there isn't'

Decided I'd search the ispconfig 3 forum for 'dns', dns seeming a logical place to start setting the server up, didn't find anything on using ispc 3 for configuring dns but did find a post on one thread that suggested there wouldn't likely be a manual of any sort because:

'No-one seems to miss not having a manual as ispc is self-explanatory'

Well for around 3 years I had a bind dns server running just fine but I've never used a tool like ispc or the mydns server package before and forgive me if I'm being a bit stupid, but it doesn't seem very self-explanatory to me

Having gone to all the trouble of explaining how to install all those packages and then ispc itself it just seems a bit like an unfinished job not have at least a simple 'getting started' type thing to help ispc newcomers know where to start

Spot of feedback from someone who has never used ispc before there, hope the comments are taken inn the spirit intended
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