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Default postfix - MySQL connection problem

Hello y'all,

I'm having some trouble getting postfix to work with mysql. I started out
using the tutorial at
To test the MySQL connection I tried:
postmap -v -q "test" mysql:/etc/postfix/
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ user = postfix
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ password = xxx
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ dbname =
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ table =
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/
select_field = destination
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ where_field
= source
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/
additional_conditions =
postmap: cfg_get_str: /etc/postfix/ hosts =
postmap: mysqlname_parse: /etc/postfix/ adding
host '' to list of mysql server hosts
postmap: dict_open: mysql:/etc/postfix/
postmap: dict_mysql_lookup using sql query: select destination from
forwardings where source = 'test'
postmap: dict_mysql_get_active: attempting to connect to host
postmap: warning: connect to mysql server Lost connection to
MySQL server during query

I've switched on logging on my mysql server, but no relevant logs show up.
I was surprised that postmap indicates a connection has been made (although
lost shortly after), but mysql doesn't seem to have recieved (or logged)
this attempt.

I'm running Debian
Software packages:
mysql-server 4.0.24-10sarge1
postfix 2.1.5-9

Anyone interested in solving this one? It would shurely make my day!

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