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Default regarding DNS services, free providers


I am registering a new domain, and they insist on me giving them 2 DNS, usually I was able to just provide one, as I have only one server managed with ispcfg3.

Now my questions is: is it really necessary to provide 2 DNS when registering a domain? Apart from the security aspect, in case on isn't reachable, etc...

The point I see is that if my server would be down, another DNS wouldn't help much as the domain would be down too...

Anyway, if I really need a second DNS, what free service woudl you recommend?

Googling yields loads of providers who offer free DNS services. Can you recommend one?

How would I proceed? Can anyone give me some hints? I'd like to keep my own server as primary DNS and use the free one as secondary. Is that possible and what additional settings would I have to make in the DNS record managed by ispcfg3?
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