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where ?
In the DNS A Record i have these fields:
Hostname: []
IP-Adress: []
TTL: [86400]
Active: [checked]

So where to put ?
Please be more specific ...
Thank you though for your prompt answer !

One more thing, when i restarted apache via putty, when it started it gave me a warning :
"Starting httpd:[Sat May 16 17:44:14 2009] [warn] NameVirtualHost has no VirtualHosts"
Now i guess this is not good ...
What to do now please :-??

And one more thing, how to access by FTP the hole server, to see all the clients folders ...
Thank you !

***Later EDIT***
I reconfigured my Records, after searching over the net ...
Here is a screen shot ...

Is there anything i have to do, or just wait 48 hours or so for the propagation ?

I am waiting for an answer !

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