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Originally Posted by rockan View Post
I have been using ISPConfig 2 for my own projects and I love it. Thank you so much.

I have a question about DNS in ISPCONFIG 3.

When I create a new website and I wish to use and as nameservers for which is also on the same ispconfig server.

When I try to set and in the settings for the and later check it with

It says nameserver and
which doesnt work.

Is this a bug or am I supposed to create A records for and for every domain?
I think you need to add a dot behind the hostname of the nameservers. I have experience the same problem while adding a mailserver to my domain.

You should add a dot after it like and

The hostnames should have its own A record.

Don't ask me why. I only noticed it when I added a MX record to my own site and when I could not send an email to that domain.


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