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Default What to do ?

first of all, i want to say i am verry verry impresed with the ISP Config 3, ven though it lacks some things (or i can't understand it verry well).

I have a domain name called
I webt to set the NS in the registrar home page .( if you are wondering)
After that i putted there my own ns's,
I went to the config pannel and created 3 sites:, and
The only trouble is that 2 of them ( and i can see on my browser and ping...
The third,, i can't see , and i can't ping :-??
I am a virgin when it comes to linux.
I used to install fedora 10 tutorial on
And one more thing, the only one i can access by ftp is i created an account for eatch ... but only this one seems to have effect when i change files, on it connect's me to a ftp account, but none of the canges i make have effect on
Also, doesn't work to connect to ftp at all, and when i try to ping, it say: "Ping request could not find host Please check the name and try again."

Verry verry strange ...
Now i was wondering woh can i fix the present situation ...
or is there a way to make it all like a fresh install, but not going to all the sterp again, like a hard erase of all things, leaving the sistem and the ISP Config 3 fresh, just like after an new install ?

Yhank you , and hoping for a quick answer, i salute you guys.

With respect and admiration,
George John MUSHAT
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