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Default subdomains under sites tab


I'm struggling a bit with the lack of documentation. And I'm googling but couldn't find anything on topic.

When I create a subdomain under the Sites tab, I would expect it to create the Domain entry under the domain tab or there to be a check box. This does not seem to work, I create the subdomain, but no changes appear domain record, I kind of expect to see a new A record.

TO demonstrate

CLICK on subdomain on the left

Host rajiv
Redirect No Redirect
Redirect Path []
Active Checked

I would then expect to see a new vhost

and a new A record

A x.x.x.x

where x.x.x.x matches the record for this host.

I'm basically trying to run wordpress-mu with the multisite domain add in so I can remap

* (my ISPConfig 3 server)



so it would be nice if the subdomain sorted out the entries as I will be using ispconfig/mydns to manage the content dns.


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