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Thank you. I appreciate your input; it's useful but I chose to go with Webmin. After installing it, I realize how robust it is, how many features it offers, including all those I need and many more. It's intuitive, easy to configure and works with my third party applications. It offers multiple modules at Admin and reseller level, allows install of other control panels and provides management options I've rarely seen with other, even proprietary products.

It's easy to install using YUM and automatically configures itself to be immediately launched on your server. It's ready-to-use in under five minutes and the admin is in total control of the options installed. I could goon endlessly but I'm sure you don't have that kind of time.

As to support, it's not as comprehensive as ISPconfig but, then, there doesn't seem to be the need because the CP is so easy to use and has good documentation for the CP. Since many of the attributes are based on other software, it's that software developer to whom I need to go for support and that's fine.

Webmin is a control panel that keeps ME in control of my servers--it doesn't try to control or restrict me. So far, so good. And, since I'm not a hosting provider--I just want to easily manage my servers with a robust product--this one will work for me.

Again, thanks.


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