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Originally Posted by manarak View Post
Hi Richard

here is what the default file says:

Yes, I followed Falko's tutorial exactly.
I just skipped the parts on fstab and jailkit

And I added mod_security
It seems to be ok. I don't have the problems like you.

Originally Posted by manarak View Post
BTW, I noted that the www directory is in /var ?
What the hell does it do there? Shouldn't it be under /home?
I assigned 200 Gigs to /home !!
I believe the /var/www directory is the default directory for Debian. What you can try is to move the content of the www-directory to /home and create a symbolic link for /var/www.

Originally Posted by manarak View Post

I just retried with and I do get the "welcome to your website" page.

Shouldn't port 80 be default for http: ?
What is wrong?
The port 80 is the default for http. I don't know what is wrong. It seems you doing the right thing. Anyone else who can help in this?

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