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Originally Posted by till View Post
Why? Thats absolutley correct if you set the main domain of a site ( to external mailserver and the co-dpmain ( is set to local server then only entrys for will be created.
I meant that it doesn't seem correct because mail records are actually written, but I see now that I wasn't thinking of it properly.

When I go to the main domain (the www domain) and go to the mailserver settings, I am only setting the mail server for the www domain so it makes sense. If I go into co-domains, then into Options, I can set the mailserver setting for the which also makes sense.

I thought that when I went to the mailserver options for the, I was setting the mailserver setting for the entire domain and all co-domains and therefore the statement that no mail records would be written would be wrong because the co-domain records were still written.

But I see now that each domain and all co-domains have their own mailserver setting so it makes sense now.


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