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Default Configure Squid reverse proxy for apache

Hi, I'm trying to set up SQUID on port 80 of my server, so that it will be a reverse proxy for apache running on the same server, but theres too many config options, and guides, and I'm just confused now, so can anyone help me?

I have 4 sites at the moment that I want to cache:
I also have two reverse proxyies in Apache, & webmail.staticanime, pointing to port 10000 (Webmin) & port 20000 (Usermin) respectavily.

So, can anyone tell me what I should change in the squid config? I want SQUID to catch & cache all requests to Apache for the sites above, and also cache SSL requests for (runs on both port 80 & 443), (443) & (443).

I can move the ports for Apache to 81 and maybe 444 or something too if that works?
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