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Originally Posted by topdog View Post
Okay you need to add the domain name to /etc/exim/relay_domains as well as point your MX record to the mailscanner machine.
The exchange domain name is on the relay_domains file already:
[user@box exim]# cat relay_domains
# FILE: /etc/exim/relay_domains
And the public MX record is pointing to the mailscanner as well:
[user@box exim]# exim -bt
 router = dnslookup, transport = remote_smtp
 host [] MX=10
Originally Posted by topdog View Post
You also need to fix your /etc/exim/exim_out.conf because you do not have local_domains defined in it.
how exactly would I fix that part?

By googling a bit, I found that by changing:
domains = +local_domains : +relay_domains
to this:
domains = +local_domains : +relay_to_domains
Gets rid of this error, that's what I did for exim.conf, but I'm not sure if that's the correct way.
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