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Default Exim Gateway with mailwatch (Unable to receive emails)

Hi There, My first post

I've setup an email gateway to try to fight the unlimited spam war.

I am a newbie to Exim and MailScanner

This is the Guide I've followed:

Everything when according to plan with the installation besides that I had to do a couple of more modifications due to the Enforcing Linux .

The plan is to have this SpamGateway sitting in front of the Exchange server.


Unfortunately, I am at lost on where the email is being routed.

I am not able to see where the message is being relayed to the exchange box.

from the main.log:
2009-05-08 11:14:53 1M2Rmn-0002Du-E2 <= [] P=smtp S=1923

2009-05-08 11:15:02 1M2Rmn-0002Du-E2 unknown named domain list "+local_domains"
I am also getting this:
1M2SVU-0002SU-45 Failed to create spool file /var/spool/ Permission denied
All I see is the message being received and on the MailWatch (webconsole) the message is received as well.

On the guide there configuration that is suppose to send it is the exim_out.conf, which is mapped on the /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf, so I'm understanding that MailScanner is the one in charge of sending the email to the exchange box, but there's no log of it.

The exchange box is configured to accept relayed messages.

The message never arrives to the exchange box, and there's no sign of failure on connecting to its SMTP service.

Any help on this its GREATLY appreciated.


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