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Default Location of ISPConfig startup command

From which script file is the ISPConfig startup command issued?

I'm trying to set it up on a machine that has runs nonstop to a graphical display manager (GDM) on startup. Apparently the GDM *forks* and startup processes continue in the background.

The ISPConfig installation puts a startup command at the end of *some* file, which happens to be just after the startup of the GDM. Upon startup, ISPConfig tries to solicit a password for some of the encrypted key files used by Apache. However, because the GDM is up at this point, there's no easy way to enter the required password that allows ISPConfig to finish starting up.

I either need to stall the GDM long enough for ISP to begin and get its password, or (preferable) I need to feed ISPConfig the password in/from the script file.

From which init file is ISPConfig started?
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