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Default multikernel under same distro

Hi everybody,

I've been reading the tutorials about installing vanilla kernel under several distro, nice job, thanks! I haven't tried them yet 'cause I found them too late.

I still have one general question about having several kernel on the same root, same distro. How will the update work? For example, apt-get on ubuntu, can you use it to install packages for one of the kernels (e.g. the running one)?
The repositories will not necessarily work smoothly on a system with a kernel which is not the one the distro is maintaining, right? so i should change repo every time i'm running a diff kernel?

I understand that normally you compile a kernel and then delete the old one, while in my case I maintain a messy testbed and sometimes we need yer another specific kernel to patch and we never really abandon any of them. Is there any "good practice" in these kind of situations?
Is the only "right" way to create different partitions for each kernel and have a clean system for each of them?

Thanks for your time
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