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Default dsl modem fix..

Thanks, I actually had already tried that with ispconfig 2.. made sure it showed up in the running configuration, etc... the fact that this happened with both servers on seperate hardware made me think about what they had in common... the problem (e-mails being rejected by AOL, etc..) didn't show up immediately after replacing my DSL modem.. I had a cheaper DSL modem which needed to be rebooted daily.. wasn't up to handling 7M/1M traffic I guess.. so I replaced it with the "business grade" DSL modem qwest (our DSL provider) sold me. Well I guess the Qwest DSL modem is rewriting my mail headers! I pulled the motorola DSL modem and put my old modem in (that I keep as a spare .. just in case!) and the problem went away.. headers showed .105!.. so a lot of spinning my wheels.. oh well that's how it goes huh?

Thanks for the reply!

Oh yeah, I have a Fedora 10 machine running ISPConfig 3 which I am not going to switch to now.. so if anyone wants to play with it for a while before I pull it out of the rack let me know directly and I'll give you the goodies.

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