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Question heartbeat on centos without load balance

I am setting up a SIP VoIP proxy server on 2 CentOS 5.3 Servers.

I've seen many setups for HA Servers but also has Load Balance. For a SIP server I don't think I can use load balance.

Is this scenario possible?
Have 2 servers running, one sitting idle waiting for the other to fail, yet at the same time copying all new information from the Main server. If the Main fails, the backup should be able to take on the IP Address of the Main and all of the incoming traffic.
I understand a call would be interrupted but the service should still be up and running on the backup server correct???

In Load Balance mode, does it send and get information in parts from each server or is it all sent to each? If so then load balanced might work by having two servers being sent the call information at the same time. But I find this highly unlikely.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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