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don't know where. i changed something, but without efect..

Sendmail Options (O)
Mail Aliases (aliases)
Local Domains (Cw)
Domain Masquerading (CM)
Trusted Users (T)
Address Mappings (virtuser)
Domain Routing (mailertable)
Outgoing Addresses (generics)
Outgoing Domains (CG)
Domain Mapping (domaintable)
Spam Control (access)
Relay Domains (CR)
Sendmail M4 Configuration
Mail Queue (mailq)
0 messages
User Mailboxe

those are the options. which one and what?


EDIT: I aded my domain, and i pass mail now on, but noone still can send me mails
EDIT: I checked /var/spool/mail and mail's are here :S How to make that they will be displayed in Read User Mail?
EDIT: Got everything working, thanks for help falko!

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