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Default access right questions: jailroot & svnadmin & apache


I plan to install ISPConfig3 on my vServer but I have a few questions before which could not be answered by searching the internet.
I need to install for 3 clients also a SVN repository.
I plan to make a subdomain for each client called svn.domain.tld.
But I am not sure about the access rights.
I would like to give every user the possibility to log in over ssh (with chailroot)
that they can execute svnadmin create repositoryname.
But when accessing svn.domain.tld apache should deliver the repository with
WEBSvn ( and the repository should be registered with svn-access-manager.
Now I am not sure about two things:
- how can i make sure that the users can use the svnadmin command in the jail root?
- how have i set the user rights of the repository? Theoretically if the user creates it and the subdomain uses suexec the repository should be writeable for that user from within the php access manager?

I have no installation of ISPConfig3 here to test, so I have to do a complete switch.
Any suggestions on complete that task?

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