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Originally Posted by todvard

I have created a site with SSL enabled for webmail. Now i would like to forward all connection attempts from http to https. On my other systems im using "Redirect permanent /" In this case this is not working, when i include it in Apache Directives it will included both to SSLenabled and SSLdisabled virtualhosts doing infinity loops. Is there an elegant solution to this problem?
Have a look here:

Originally Posted by todvard
Another question, ISPConfig includes all hostnames bind's reverse zone file. Why is it needed, i mean when im pinging the server it is answering with different names in every ping reply. How can i disable this feature or is it essential for ISPconfig?

Thank you.
You can comment out this block in /root/ispconfig/isp/conf/named.conf.master:

//zone "{ZONE}" {
//        type master;
//        file "pri.{ZONE}";
Also comment out the reverse zones in your current named.conf and restart Bind.
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