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Default Ubuntu 8.04 Virtual Mail: user directories not creating, etc...

Hi all,

I followed the How-To for "the perfect server" and followed up with the "virtual mail w/ squirrel mail, etc." how-to. I am having some problems, they may be easy and I may be slow. I am fairly new to Linux as well.

Problem 1: The user directories are not being created when I mailx a message to the user.

Problem 2: From /etc/postfix/mail.log - (mydomain) substitued for my actual domain.
to=<root@(mydomain).com>, relay=none, delay=0.12, delays=0.02/0/0.1/0, dsn=5.4.6, status=bounced (mail for loops back to myself)

And if an email is sent from a different working email server to the new server, I receive the "Mail Delivery System [MAILER-DAEMON@(mydomain).com] reply error message:
"...I'm sorry to have to inform you that your message could not
be delivered to one or more recipients. It's attached below..."

Problem 3: Squirrel mail fails with imap connection being dropped. I suspect this is a result of the directory not being created for the user.

I appreciate all help AND your patience with a "noob"


EDIT: I have spent some more time scanning the forums and have determined at least one mistake I was making. I was trying to use my domain (lets call it as the virtual domain. I have tried to fix that with the /etc/host and the /etc/hostname folder and running:
hostname -f

have diplayed the new hostname:

Still no luck.

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