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Originally Posted by Jolman View Post
How about "epel" it may be more appropriate repo.
Thank you; I'm pretty new at all of this so I did not want to FUBAR my server with unstable packages. So, this was more appropriate and I installed the repo. Then, I ran "yum install httpd php php-devel php-gd php-imap php-ldap php-mysql php-odbc php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc php-mbstring php-mcrypt php-mhash gettext" and got:

No package httpd available.
No package php available.
No package php-devel available.
Package php-gd-5.1.6-23.2.el5_3.i386 installed and not available
Package php-imap-5.1.6-23.2.el5_3.i386 installed and not available
No package php-ldap available.
No package php-mysql available.
No package php-odbc available.
No package php-pear available.
Package php-xml-5.1.6-23.2.el5_3.i386 installed and not available
No package php-xmlrpc available.
Package php-mbstring-5.1.6-23.2.el5_3.i386 installed and not available
No package php-mcrypt available.
No package php-mhash available.
Package gettext-0.14.6-4.el5.i386 already installed and latest version

However, I manually installed "httpd" from Apache using the PHP installations instruction (at which time I installed PHP). I installed PHP packages UnixODBC, libmcrypt, openldap, mhash, xmlprc as well as MYSQL and the PostgreSQL Database, using yum.

I also installed PEAR and the PEAR packages required by the Poweradmin site and made sure everything the site requires for Poweradmin was installed.

Now, I'm having some challenges checking to see if PEAR works, particularly "Verifying the Include Path" on problem is I'm unsure which directory is the "local web root" on my server, which is offsite.

I am also unsure where Poweradmin should have be installed--the folder from which I intend to run the program. Should it be in an Apache 2 directory or in /var/www/html where it is located? It's hard to check to see if Poweradmin works without knowing where I should have installed it--under what IP address or server hostname? Since I was installing Poweradmin on a pre-installed CentOS OS, I wasn't able to follow that part of the How-To.

Also, I don't know where "localhost" is on my server.

So, if you (or anyone else reading this thread) have any ideas or solutions to these isses, that would be great. I'd really like to get Poweradmin working after all this work.

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