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Originally Posted by till
Have you created a website "www.mydomain.dom" in ISPConfig? Has this site a co-domain "mydomain.dom" with empty host field?

Originally Posted by till
If yes:

Is the domain "mydomain.dom" listed in /etc/postfix/local-host-names ?
Yes, both mydomain.dom and www.mydomain.dom are listed.

Originally Posted by till
If "mydomain.dom" is not a local domain on your server, you will have to enable SMTP server authentication in your email client. In outlook the option is named like "Server needs authentication".
What do you mean by "a local domain on your server? The DNS (I'm using my registrar's DNS service) points to my IP and I've set "mydomain.dom" up through ISPConfig. The website is running just fine. Does that mean "mydomian.dom" is "a local domain" on my server?

Anyway, I don't understand how a setting in an email client could effect wether or not mail gets delivered to an address. Client or no client, the mail never arrives in the users "mailbox"!

Thanks for your help. I'll go ahead and set up another domain (I adjusted the DNS entries last night; they should have propogated by now) to check out edge's theory.
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