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Default This will work for you


You'll have to make a few modifications to the 5s7 script.

I posted detailed instructions my cousin khayjake forwarded to me on these forums awhile back when I was having troubles.

Goes over every detail of how to get the 5s7 autosignup scripts working perfectly. Here I'll find the link for you.

I've also got an updated version of the autosignup form that includes the extra form checkmarks & fields to add newer variables for additions to remoting framework created users/webs/domains etc...for ISPConfig stables newer releases.

The Link above is very detailed and has everything you'll need to get it working.

It tells you what variables in what files you have to edit or add as well as what permissions you have to change etc.'s very straight forward.

This should take care of you....but dont hesitate to send me a PM if you need help buddy.

Hope this helps!

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