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Originally Posted by till View Post
Sorry, I did not recognize that you use this as a load balancer. The best is to install ispconfig just on one server and then sync the databases and config files with rsync to all slave nodes. The ispconfig interface can be accessed only on one node as having two interfaces might corrupt everything and ispconfig will not be able to deterine which configuration is written to which server already in a mysql master master setup.
So ISPConfig database does need to be synced by me. If I do the replication of the entire ISPC DB, won't that make the stored IP's wrong on the slave?

With no interface on the second server/slave/node, what happens if the primary server is down? There's no way left to edit the sites.

I saw somewhere you, or Falko, saying which files are needed too mirror in a typical ISPConfig web server setup, but I can't find it again. I don't suppose you remember?

Lastly, is there anything that ISPC could do in it's own server that could be messing up an HAProxy load balancer on the other? I'm having problems getting the load balancer to point at the correct server.

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