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I uninstalled the slave ISPC, and the DB entries for it on both servers. I reinstalled without the interface, and used as the master host. It installed fine, and shows up in the master interface, but still no monitor information is making it. It even has it listed in the server listing. Does web2 have to be listed in the DNS tab?

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Then there is a configuration problem with the permissions of your mysql server. You have to enter the hostname of the amster when you install ispconfig on the second server and this hostname must be resolvable in dns by the master and slave server.
That's going to be a problem when you have a dedicated network card and crossover cable to handle only the file transfers.

Right now eth0 is the Xen virtual network card, and eth1 is the crossover. My hosts file for web1, the master web server, looks like this:
Code:       localhost.localdomain  localhost       web1       web1    server1    server2        lb1        lb2       web2
Web2, the slave web server, is nearly the same:
Code:       localhost.localdomain  localhost       web2       web2    server1    server2        lb1        lb2       web1
The addresses are the Xen interfaces. I want the replicating traffic to use the crossover ones that have addresses of SO if I tell ISPConfig slave on web2 during the install to use the MySql master at, it's not going to use the crossover. If I change the host file so points to, the the Xen connections will be messed up. I guess if I have to, the ISPC traffic won't go on the crossover, but all the other backups can. I'd rather have it all go there if possible.

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