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1.) You create your Domain under Sites -> Website and select Fast-CGI as PHP.
2.) Create the Subdomain under Sites -> Subdomain
Host = webmail
Domain = {your Domain}
Redirect Type = L
Redirect Path = /var/www/{your Domain without www.}/web/webmail/
Active = Tick on
3.) Create a FTP User for your Domain under Site -> FTP-User
4.) Log in and create in the web folder a webmail folder.
5.) Install roundcube in this webmail folder.
6.) Edit the $rcmail_config['virtuser_query'] in the roundcube config file({webmail}/config/ like this.
$rcmail_config['virtuser_query'] = "SELECT email FROM dbispconfig.mail_user WHERE email = '%u'";
7.)Give the roundcube mysql user read access to the dbispconfig database.

PS: Don't know if you need point 1 or 6,7.
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