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Default Solution discovered!

Thanks Till,

I appreciate your input and time to respond to this problem!

I did some further investigation based on your thoughts of likely DNS problems:

1) PING worked fine on all external IPs
2) DNS lookups failed at the given variable time frame (1+ hour(s))

I concluded that the added DNSMASQ was the likely problem as it does both DHCP + DNS caching and lookups. As I run a dedicated server with a fixed IP and its own hosted / dedicated [nameserver], I changed the following DNSMASQ configuration as per:
This change was made some 5 hours past, and so far all my ISPConfig based Server out-bound HTTP requests from the Server are completing (no 404 errors).

I conclude that the DHCP lease / expire times of the original dnsmasq were the problem, and I certainly only wanted DNS caching and not DHCP.

Based on some other users thoughts and experiences, I finally decided to use PDNSD (proxy DNS cache). This works fine, and does offer good outbound DNS caching, even across server restarts.

Thanks for creating ISPConfig 2 and 3 I have used them both and they are both great products. Very different in each V2 & V3 version, but well programmed!


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