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Good news bad news.
After adding permissions in the DB's on both servers to allow root privileges on both the server names, and the crossover IP's, I finally got it to install on the slave server. It took several try's to get there though. Now I have way too many DB users, and I need to figure out which to remove.

Now when I open ISPConfig on the master server, it shows three identical slave servers! Am I correct that I can fix that by deleting the two extra entries in dbispconfig table>server?

Am I wrong in assuming that this system will automatically update each other? I ask this because now I have both running, I notice that ISPConfig on web2 has no entries, and the monitor on web1 shows no information for web2 server. I'm going to be setting up master/master replication for any other DB's and rsync for all the other files.
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