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Default Second server installation not linked with master

I don't think I installed ISPConfig 3 correctly on my second server, because I don't see where it's syncing up with the master server.

I have two physical machines, each with two virtual servers running Ubuntu 8.04. A load balancer is one virtual, and the webserver is the second on each machine. I also have a second network card in each computer, and a crossover cable, as a bridge between the two physical computers.

ISPConfig was installed on the first webserver (WEB1) using the standard install. I have an IP address assigned to the crossover NIC on WEB1 as I then installed ISPConfig on the second webserver (WEB2) using the expert install. I kept getting stopped where it asks for the master MYsql server name. When I used localhost, which is what I used in WEB1, it finished the install. I can get to both interfaces locally.

My problem is now how is ISPConfig on WEB2 going to sync with it on WEB1? Also, how do I force it to use my crossover to communicate if possible? I'm using the dedicated GB crossover just for master/master DB and rsync. I'm able to ping each server using the assigned IP's for the crossover, WEB1 is, and WEB2 is Is there any other thing that needs to be done on the second install to tell it to connect to the master?
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