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Originally Posted by robilaur View Post
Well u can use the setup that i have..... I have Debian Lenny server with ispconfig 3 , 2 NIC card and 1 SMC Wireless rooter with 4 ports... The set up is like this... direct link to server from Internet provider on NIC 1 (eth0) , port forwarding from server to NIC 2 (eth1) , link from NIC 2 to Rooter and from rooter to the rest of the computer. With this layout all internet trafic goes trought the server . Results : Server is direct connected to internet , no need of port forwarding trought rooter and other nasty stuff... and better management of the internet . Hope it works for u
thats exactly the setup i would like! if you can walk me thru (total linux noob less than a week lol) the setup i would sure appriciate it. What i have now is an ubuntu server 8.1 w/ ispconfig 3 my main goal is to have a webserver, with a members only ftp so that i can share some of my files friends and family, and ofcourse my local network. i have a dlink dir-655 laying around that i could use for the router. i would need detail on setting it up tho. no idea how to foward internet to nic 2 the way you mentioned above. My biggest dislike on my setup now is that for me to put files from one pc to the server its only 2MB max upload why i would like the setup you mentioned. I would be able to use my gig network more efficiently and get faster transfer speeds between my local network pc's and the server . thanks for you help!
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