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Default DNS Hosting Strategy: host DNS server or not?

Hello again and again ;-)

So I've setup ISPConfig and the last point I block on is DNS configuration.
My dedicated server has 1 main IP and 2 other "failover" IPs. I assigned them in ISPConfig and in the network interface file.

However I manage my domain and server through OVH provider and their way of work is little bit different.

I configured a domain so as its NS1 aims to my first failover IP (with an associated reverse DNS) and NS2 to my provider DNS service ( This service (I have to configure on the provider interface) permits me to redeclare the NS1 on this sdns1.

The second part is the configuration of the DNS on ISPConfig. I'm pretty sure I miss something here.

The provided NS is the failover IP I talked earlier.

I think the Apache part is OK because when I edit the /etc/hosts of my personal computer and aims the domain name to my box IP, the website is displayed.

Which brings me to my second question: instead of creating 2 NS for each domain I want to host, the best thing is not to configure a dedicated domain and then, I aims all domains I want to host on its NS?
I saw a procedure which involves 2 servers but it's not suitable for me: I don't want to buy 2 servers whereas I use only 1.

I previously did that with Webmin on an old dedicated server so I'm a little bit lost with the ISPConfig interface.

Thanks for your help :-)
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