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Default Re ; still not working

here is it, cut and paste from my working file:
if(!empty($maildomain_path) && !is_dir($maildomain_path)) {
			exec("su -c 'maildirmake ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name']);
			exec("su -c 'maildirmake -f Junk ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name']);
			exec("su -c 'maildirmake -f Drafts ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name']);
			exec("su -c 'maildirmake -f Sent ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name']);
			exec('chown -R '.$mail_config['mailuser_name'].':'.$mail_config['mailuser_group'].' '.escapeshellcmd($data['new']['maildir']));
			$app->log("Set ownership on ".escapeshellcmd($data['new']['maildir']),LOGLEVEL_DEBUG);
			//* This is to fix the maildrop quota not being rebuilt after the quota is changed.
			exec("su -c 'maildirmake -q ".$data['new']['quota']."S ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name']); // Avoid maildirmake quota bug, see debian bug #214911
			$app->log('Created Maildir: '."su -c 'maildirmake -q ".$data['new']['quota']."S ".escapeshellcmd($maildomain_path)."' ".$mail_config['mailuser_name'],LOGLEVEL_DEBUG);
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