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It's down to the packages the instructions call for rather than ispconfig itself, I know that's platform independent

Too many of them either weren't available for the os or I couldn't use the versions specified in the instructions, and as I've never used ispconfig before I don't really know what sort of effect that may have had,

Plus I have since discovered that part of the problem I had was my own doing really as I had installed mysql 5.1 not mysql 5.0, and in the newer version the socket path has been changed

Editing the socket path in the confs seems to throw up other problems, phpmyadmin for example won't work with it, and I suspect the reason I couldn't get the login to work was down to this same issue

Since posting this thread I have reinstalled the os and set it all up the 'old-fashioned' way and everything's all hunky-dory, even down to the box working as a outer on wireless

After around four days I just couldn't afford to throw any more time into getting it sorted with ispconfig

I had been using an old debian box as a router and backup server and once I replace it with this box I'm thinking of formatting that one and using it mainly for playing around with stuff and I do still want a look at ispconfig so will revisit it on there

Don't know what os I'll use yet but it won't be ubuntu!

I won't get into a debate on the suitability of suse for server functions, suffice to say I've ran my main server on it successfully since version 10.1

So yeah I've dropped the idea of using ispconfig on this main one for now ... but you ain't heard the last of me yet
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