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Default Pros and cons of upgrading to ISPconfig 3?

Hi everyone
I am considering upgrading to ISPconfig 3, but I'm not sure. My setup is in my signature (the ISPconfig 2 server).

I have 8 websites running on my server, but I take it they should survive the upgrade (although of course backups will be made first).
Also the server is running Debien Etch. So the second question is, should I upgrade to Debian Lenny before I upgrade to ISPconfig 3? Or after? Or not at all?

I'm a Windows kid so I have this stupid tendency to want to upgrade to new versions of everything *lol* - so I don't want to make that mistake here.
At the moment ISPconfig is working, but ISPconfig 3 looks enticing with the new features and the interface.

So yeah, I would really like some suggestions, pros, cons, opinions. Sorry if this is the wrong forum.
My stats:
  • RootServer running ISPconfig 2 on Debian Lenny
  • vServer running PLESK 8.4 on openSUSE 10.3
  • vServer running PLESK 9 on Ubuntu
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